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Unique Expertise

Scott A. Goffstein & Associates has developed a unique degree of expertise in a number of areas, notably working with start-ups and dealing with a variety of international accounting and tax issues.

Scott Goffstein

Special Services for Start-Ups

Scott A. Goffstein & Associates is unique in that we offer our clients a wide choice of services depending on their stage of development.

For start-ups just out of the gate, we can do it all from payroll to accounts payable to sales taxes to monthly or quarterly reports. In effect, you can outsource your financial and accounting functions to us as you concentrate on getting your company off the ground.

Then, as your company grows, our services can be adjusted to meet a different set of needs. We currently have a number of clients – many of them internationally-based – who rely on us for monthly support. Some monthly clients send us an electronic file; we review it to be sure it’s all in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles; and we then send back the file. For others, we provide on-site assistance. For all clients, we can quickly respond to peak periods and offer support as needed.

Our International Expertise

International companies present a unique set of accounting challenges stemming from cross-border taxation issues and unique regulations in each country. Our expertise in this area is extensive. We regularly deal with tax treaty issues, transfer pricing problems, intercompany issues, and, of course, questions of how the IRS tax code impacts international transactions.

As always, we rely on a combination of our collective knowledge of accounting principles and tax regulations, our experience working on similar questions for others, and our own good judgment to help you navigate the often shifting currents of international accounting.